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climbing thru micros

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  aernout, Feb 25 2013

Yeah, I know Feburary ain't over yet but since all the topics always float after the end of the month with the title of the month I thought the blog would get a little more attention.

Grinded some 50nl FR this month, not nearly where I wanna be at. Had very shallow volume, planning to set some volume goals else I'll be a buster forever(was thinking about 3 hours playing/optional 1 hour studying). I'd like to hear you guys opinion about motvation for volume n shit.

Also I bought alot of books and planning on reading them. just some I'm planning on reading: ace on the river, ace on the river, mental game of poker, psychology of poker. Also got 2 books of Randy gage: why you're dumb, sick & broke and risky is the new safe. Don't know if you guys now him but I thought he seemed to have some good ideas (don't wanna go to in depth cause of last thread LOL). Oh and any recommendations for poker books are welcome, also planning to read mathematics of poker after I read these ones.

Got a new 124gb SSD and 3T HD for what it's worth noting, SSD is especialy amazing cause I'm importing hands at about 4-5x the speed.


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athene xtreme
  aernout, Feb 07 2013

hey guys,

athene recently came out with a new product ahtene xtreme. I've been a fan of athene for years and he is the reason I got into poker. For those who don't know him, he has many world records starting in world of warcraft, played poker for 1-2 years and made 300k. he also played 1 million hands in a month. Anyways I don't wanna promote his product, was just interested in what you guys thought of it? I might try it out, it basically let's you focus more for around 3-6 hours.

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pc problems
  aernout, Jan 08 2013

Hey guys, anyone here with some knowledge about pc issues? My pc stutters every 5-10 mins for like 1-2 seconds, it's very annoying. The whole pc just stutters when it occurs. I've tried reinstalling my pc already, reinstalling drives. still the same problem though. Here is what it looks like: .

please help me


also wanted to post some poker/more positive stuff, been playing alot last couple months. In 4 months I moved up from 10nl to 50nl, and putted in some decent volume. I mainly think it's because I switched to FR (was a 6max breakeven 10nl player before). I just think my playstyle fits FR more. Also I think it's about 1 year ago since I started playing poker and started on 2nl, didn't know anything about the game, now Im playing 50nl, pretty proud of that.

Also I started using tablescanner turbo, which is some neat program which lets you filter tables for fishes (you can filter them by VPIP, green collouring, all kinds of filters) and waitlists them. It uses your database for this. There's a 30 day trial on there site, deffi worth the try imo.

Would post a graph of last year but my database got fucked up many time, so I ain't got any database atm.

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